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 Oil is valuable. In fact, it is so valuable that it’s often called black gold. However, oil isn’t the only liquid to hold this title. Coming in as the second most valuable trade item in the world, coffee has enormous economic, social, and even political power. Researchers claim that over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed every single day. Here are some interesting facts about coffee.

  1. Coffee is actually a fruit.
  Coffee is actually a fruit like a cherry. Its seed is often called coffee beans because of its resemblance to actual beans. Because it is a fruit it could be processed differently for getting different types of flavors. Depending on the variety, the roast and the brewing method, coffee can be brewed to taste like white grape, lemon zest, plum juice, strawberry jam, etc.

  2. The name came from Arabic word “qahwah”.
  The term coffee came from the Dutch word “koffie” which was originally borrowed from Ottoman Turkish language word “kahve”. It is interesting that “kahve” was originally borrowed from Arabic word “qahwah”. Qahwah is also known as Arabic coffee.

  3. George Washington invented instant coffee.
  No, not that George Washington. While Satori Kato actually created the first “recipe” for making instant coffee, the man who invented the first mass produced instant coffee was George Constant Louis Washington, born in Kortrijk, Belgium in May 1871. While it wasn’t very tasty, it did hit the spot for soldiers on the battlefield in World War Ⅰ.

  4. The stock exchange—both in London and New York—started in coffee houses.
  Just as they are today, coffee houses often served as portable “offices” for gentlemen doing business in earlier years. Both the London Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange started in popular coffee houses in their respective cities. Other financial industries that also started in coffee houses include auction houses (Sotheby’s of London) and the insurance industry—Lloyds of London began in a coffee house as well.


  5. Coffee was first cultivated in Middle East.
  Although coffee plant was first seen in Ethiopia it was first cultivated in Yemen. From Middle East it was reached Europe through Italy in the 17th century.

  6. Coffee may not make you sober, but it does seem to protect your liver from alcohol related diseases.
  Despite old wives’ tales to the contrary, if you feed coffee to a drunk, all you get is a wide-awake drunk. On the other hand, considerable research has found that people who drink coffee regularly show a much lower incidence of all liver diseases, including cirrhosis of the liver, which is commonly associated with chronic alcoholism.

  7. In ancient Arab culture, coffee was grounds for divorce.
  While mid-1970s US ads centered around women who couldn’t make a good cup of coffee and the displeasure of their husbands, in ancient times, the onus for coffee was laid upon the providers. A woman could legally divorce her husband if he failed to provide her with enough coffee.

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