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Pepsi, a drink for indigestion


Like many other carbonated drinks, Pepsi began to be sold as a remedy for indigestion. Pharmacist Caleb Bradham prepared it in the soda fountain of his pharmacy using a mixture of sugar, caramel, water, lemon oil, kola nuts, and nutmeg. The original name was “Brad’s Drink”, which he sold with the slogan: Exhilarating, Invigorating, Aids Digestion.

The drink turned out to be so popular that Bradham decided to change its name to a more attractive one. Therefore, drawing inspiration from the word dyspepsia, the medical name for indigestion, and the kola nut that was part of the recipe, he renamed the product “Pepsi-Cola.” Nowadays, this centennial drink is a brand that has steadily grown thanks to the advertisements done by famous artists and celebrities.



Google, a typo


The world’s largest search engine developed an influential brand that spreads like a communications giant and even led to the creation of the verb “google” in the English language. It’s undeniable that Google currently possesses one of the most extensive data centers in the world, which collects internet information.

Even during their freshman year at Stanford University, its founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, already knew the potential their company had. That’s why the original plan was to name it “googol,” based on the Googol number, which is equivalent to 10 to the 100th power, a huge number, but one that is not infinite.

Due to a mistake, Larry Page misspelled the name: Instead of “googol”, he wrote “google”, and the web and the company were registered with this “error”. But, in fact, this mistake only worked to distinguish the search engine from the rest and rise to what it is today.




Zara, taking inspiration from a movie


When magnate Amancio Ortega wanted to name his clothing business, he firstly thought of calling it “Zorba”, like the 1964 movie, Zorba The Greek, as he was a big fan of the Anthony Quinn film. He had even made the frame to put the letters on the poster of his shop in A Coruña.

However, shortly before the opening in 1975, he realized that his store was pretty close to a bar named, precisely, “Zorba”. Since it would’ve been very confusing to the customers to have 2 businesses with the same name in such a small radius, Ortega took the sign and decided to add an “a”, and remove the “b”, coining the name of one of the most recognizable Spanish brands in the world.



IKEA, the Scandinavian enigma


Founded in 1943, when its creator was only 17 years old, IKEA went from selling all kinds of objects to becoming the benchmark of Swedish creativity worldwide with its furniture for assembly that facilitates packaging and transport.

However, those who don’t understand Swedish have always wondered what the word IKEA means in that language. The answer? It’s an acronym that is a combo of the first letters of founder’s first name and last name: Ingvar Kamprad, the farm where he grew up: Elmtaryd, and the town in southern Sweden where it was located: Agunnaryd.



Word Study

pharmacist /'fɑːməsɪst/ n. 药剂师

extensive /ɪk'stensɪv/ adj. 广泛的;大量的;广阔的

The fire caused extensive damage.

equivalent /ɪ'kwɪvələnt/ adj. (在价值、数量等方面)相等的;等价的

infinite /'ɪnfɪnət/ adj. 无限的;无穷的


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